TeacherGarten Podcast Coming Soon

I have made it clear I have a passion for helping new and pre-service teachers enter the field.  Over time that passion has developed into  a greater passion for helping teachers in general!  One thing that becoming connected has enable me to do, is reach out to more teachers than ever before.  While sometimes I am able to help them, I am also able to learn from them.  It is the beauty of being a connected educator. When I first started on twitter, Theresa Stager (@principalstager) talked a little with me about finding my passions and how I could express them.  In the time since, I have found them!  Last March I started #TLeadChat as a place to promote teacher leadership in all aspects of education.  Since the beginning of the summer, I have used that chat as a way to help connected educators develop their voice even more!  I love seeing great teachers ask questions that help them develop their learning and the learning of others.  Despite this wonderful way for expressing my educational passion, I was still missing the part about helping new teachers.  It was essentially why I started this blog. When I started writing every day, I lost a little of that ability to focus solely on ways to help New and Pre-service teachers in this format because somedays, the ideas are not quite there… Starting in SEPTEMBER, I will be joined by a great connected educator( and someone who has become my friend through countless twitter interaction )Samantha Bates (@sjsbates) in combining our desire to help teachers early in their careers by starting the TEACHERGARTEN PODCAST!  With the help of Jeff from @Teachercast we will be broadcasting a weekly interactive show designed to discuss and demonstrate whenever possible, skills, technology, and cutting edge concepts in our schools.  I will certainly be blogging more about @teachergarten in the near future, and I hope, for a long time to come!


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