#SlowChatEd Day 7

There are no new questions today, only my personal reflections.  Hopefully Monday I will be posting the actual SlowChatEd blog with some of your incredible tweets this week.  Philosophy was a huge part of my life for a long time.  I even considered pursuing it as a profession for a while.

One of the things I reflect on because of my philosophical background, is how my philosophical ideas shape who I am as an educator.  This week I went back to some of my old books and relived a little of my college days as a philosophy student in finding some of my favorite passages.  In all of my philosophical musings I have come to these ideas about the teaching profession:

A good life is one that leaves the world a better place than before it was lived.  Education is a field on the ground floor in that idea, working with kids changes the world in ways we cannot imagine!

Language is rarely conclusive.  When we write, talk, and communicate, we do so with contexts that change our meanings.  Because of this, reading without context is like scuba diving without the oxygen tank.  The very thing you need to understand reading is taken away if we do not offer context.

Teaching is an imperfect act, complex and intense.  As Nate Stephens said this morning to during a Google Hangout, in this field the stakes are too high, we have to learn not to take it all too seriously, and have fun.  This is someone who understands kids!

Reflection about something is more valuable than whether it worked or not.  Stop to look at yourself and understand what allows you to be yourself.

Anything can cause a great change in the world…what kinds of changes are you causing?



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