I still remember as part of my requirements for graduating and earning my teaching degree, I needed to write out my educational philosophy. Breathe that in for a moment…

Now, I had been working as an aide for three years so I had more classroom experience than most in the circumstance, but seriously, what on earth is the point?

We are asking people completely new to the profession what their grand scale ideas are on education, classroom management, student engagement, and more. It is a nightmare of a process. Sure, they are valuable things to understand, but realistically, how are you supposed to know what you really think about education before ever spending time as an actual teacher.

As an MSA candidate, I had to write my leadership platform. This time I took the task a bit differently. Through the course of this week’s SlowChatEd discussion, I am hoping we can all revisit those young, idealistic, jargon filled fools, and drop some knowledge (and maybe a few mics) on the topic. Let’s talk about educational philosophies, how they are the same, what it really means for teaching in the classroom. Let’s talk about leadership philosophy and see just where we end up.

As a teacher who did his undergraduate work in Philosophy, I tend to be a bit socratic… be prepared to answer follow up questions!

I look forward to hearing all of your responses for this week’s #SlowChatEd

Monday starts with Q1: What was your idea of educational philosophy coming into education? How & why has that changed?


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