Getting through Giving 87:365

I frequently have the ebook vs. paper book debate. As a heads up, I love ebooks, mainly because I have a small child and I tend to multitask. This means that I can read a whole book with one and sometimes no hands! (tangent over)

Today I did something with a paper book that I still do not quite have the hang of doing with digital books, I lent a book to someone. While I am not a huge fan of my summer restaurant job, I love one thing about it more than anything: new and aspiring teachers tend to be waitresses and waiters in the summer. I always work with at least one!

I love having the chance to share ideas with them and get them thinking beyond where they are now. I love helping them find the direction for their passion and guiding them to whatever it is they are looking for with their teaching goals.

It felt so great to give her that book and give her a shove into summer reading. I recommended many books for her, but overall, physically handing her the book and knowing that at some point I was going to want it back, thrust her book first into new learning. For me, that it as a great feeling. I love what I get from giving others a boost.


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