Why I Miss Reading 86:365×2

Tonight I made a friend I connect with on twitter start reading her favorite passages to me. (By made I mean I offered to listen if she would share them, and I didn’t have to ask twice!) She has only shared a few passages. I plan on going back and listening to them because I would love to reflect on them some more.

Sharing some great passages by William Faulkner was exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. I realized something that has actually been eating at me recently: I miss reading.

I say this knowing that I read a TON. I am reading 4 different books right now. As much as I enjoy them, I also realize that I am not reading anything strictly for pleasure. I have 3 books I want to start saved on my iPad that are only for my enjoyment, but I have barely read a chapter in any of them.

The reason why is sad but true, SCHOOL! I am working hard on the completion of my Master’s in School Administration and it has been nearly two years since I had the opportunity to read more than a book here and there (a few week long breaks have spared some time) for reading for pleasure. Sadly, school reading, learning more for my own sake has taken away from the time I used to spend reading for pleasure. While I enjoy learning and the reading I am doing, I miss reading. I miss opening a book and getting lost in the story and I look forward to getting back to that soon!


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