For Whom Do You Fight? 85:365×2 was so inspired as I sat with my small daughter watching Stuart Scott bare his soul in acceptance of the Jimmy V award at last nights ESPY’s.

I wrote in my other blog about how he spoke about redefining winning the battle cancer.

As he stood on that stage sharing his very personal story, he talked about being hospitalized just days before. We always here about how we need to fight for what we want. But, sometimes we cannot fight. When these times occur, we need the people who care about us to fight for us, to carry us through.

As educators we are frequently in the unique position to fight for those who often cannot fight for themselves. What do you do to carry those people who cannot fight for/ advocate for themselves?

I fight for my friends, my family, kids, and anyone else trying to make the world a better place for kids! For whom do you fight?


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