What is Balance 82:365×2

We tend to hear a lot about balance.  I actually had two separate conversations today about the topic.  Some of you are about to hate me for this so get ready…

Balance isn’t real.  It is not a real thing.  Balance is something we perceive.  Spin yourself around a few times, and all the sudden your concept of balance is thrown off.  What is balance?  Is it 50/50?  Is balance an ability to leave work at work or something else?

I find that balance is subjective.  What will make you happy?  For me, I enjoy learning new things about education.  I work better sometimes at night.  For me, taking work home just works.  For me, I have no problem making myself accessible to parents or students throughout the day.  I am not going to shut off from one to the other.  It is what makes me happy in my work and with my family.  For me, balance does not mean having an equal amount of work and time away from work.

If you are worried about finding a work/life balance, you are going to have a very hard time understanding what that will be.  Develop what works for you and run with it.  Do not feel like its not right because others’ balance does not look like yours.


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