One New Thing 81:365×2

There are many things to learn, add, experience for educators as they grow in their practice.  It is not easy to do a great job incorporating new ideas into your classroom.  Instead of trying to do everything awesome all at once, try your best to incorporate one new thing.

While I work in my classroom I have tried both approaches.  Sometimes I have tried to incorporate many different things at once, and other times I have tried to add just one.  I find that when I focus on one change (maybe two) at a time then I can really build that change fully.

Implementing new things is hard.  It requires a lot of effort but can make a huge difference for the kids in your class.  Building the quality change is important.  By adding too many things too fast you risk muddling the change, not for your kids, but for yourself.  Kids can handle the changes, but for you to be adequately prepared to dedicate time to what you are learning to implement.


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