Gaining Support 80:365×2

Are you thinking of trying something new?  Are you looking to change things in your classroom?  This can be an intimidating  process but also very rewarding.  It can be very valuable however to gain support.  Although you can always try new things without support, it helps tremendously to have other teachers or administrators who can help you along the path to change.

How then do you generate support?

If you work in a more supportive environment, start small.  Approach a few other teachers with your ideas, discuss them and get feedback.  Bring the idea to a supportive administrator and give them a chance to share in the collaboration as well.  Try the new ideas and then reflect with those you have talked to before.  Engage those who you took time to discuss your ideas with so that they can continue to share in the process.  Building the support group that will give you honest feedback to help your changes grow will be so helpful.

If you do not work in a supportive environment, seek out those who have tried the changes or are experts in that area.  Your walls are no excuse not to find support.  There are always other educators who can talk to you about the ideas you want to try.  Build your support and get your reflective feedback beyond  your walls.  Do not feel like you have to make changes alone!



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