Go Shi Shi 78:365×2

imageI hope I am not stealing @lisgutgrie ‘s thunder but this is a topic that deserves multiple blog posts!

During a Voxer chat with some of my closest connected educators and friends, we talked about kids going to the bathroom during class. @theweirdteacher used to work in Hawaii where they called going to the bathroom, going “Shi shi”.

I always made my kids say bathroom and not potty. At some point in a kid’s life saying potty is not cute anymore, but I almost always let them go.

We got to a more important question, is your classroom a place where kids would rather stay than go “shi shi”?
How are you engaging your class so that nobody wants to leave? Sadly I have had both extremes if i am being honest. There have been times when it seemed like a “shi shi” parade. Other times I have had 7 year olds that have accidents because they were so engaged they didnt realize they had to go until it was too late!

That is not quite the goal, but that level of engagement is the ideal for our classrooms! So, when teaching, if the “shi shi” parade starts, start asking yourself what you need to change, not why so many need to use the bathroom!


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