Why Are We Still Giving Home Work? 75:365×2

I spent some time today chatting with Australian educators.  First, I feel like having a varied set of educators from all over the world tends to give me a greater perspective when I start thinking about an issue.  Also, with my summer work schedule (sorry if I have repeated this but it is my current reality) I am in “edchat” withdrawal from Twitter.  For both of these reasons I jumped into an Oceanic chat that discussed homework.  During the chat one of the educators

I have discussed homework before and I feel like I have made my position fairly clear, homework (specifically for elementary students) stinks!  Time after time I read research sent to me where I expect to see some evidence that homework is worth the time.  Homework research tends to say things like “does not show a clear connection to learning” and “potentially harmful” while the benefits are essentially non-existent.  So here is my question: Why are we still giving home work?


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