Summer Slide part 2 74:365×2

There are many ideas I have heard about that may impact summer slide but in many cases, the only work for kids who would otherwise be doing educational activities. What do we do for these students who would not be reading, would not be learning on their own?

The first step needs to include building an inspiration to learn beyond the classroom. That will make a big difference our kids. When they are inspired to learn and grow, they will make that a part of their daily lives. It is in large part our job to help kindle that curiosity and allow them to want to grow on their own.

Despite this, there are few activities a truly create a genuine impact for kids.

One of the most impactful activities a child can do to continue their learning, is to read. It is up to us to determine how we best motivate and inspire children to read. For some kids, they just love books. Others need a purpose, or a goal. The most important thing I believe we can do to help our kids stay active and engaged over the summer is give them access to learning opportunities and reading material. Providing kids with reading material allows them the freedom to engage in learning over the summer. When we make the opportunity available to them and couple it with inspiration, the excuses disappear.

None of this eliminates summer slide, but anything we can do to stay the tide is worth the effort.


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