Curriculum is a Working Document 72:365×2

I recently had a discussion with a handful of educators about curriculum. We discussed how some people have freedom to work with the standards while others are held to a more prescribed curriculum. It made me wonder, how do most educators view curriculum?

there are two potential views. One is that curriculum is what you should be teaching, period. It is created with a purpose and your job is to deliver it with the best practices you have available. The other, is that curriculum is a working document. An opportunity to perfect our craft and determine how to best reach our students. A document to build upon.

I have been fortunate to work in a school that allows curriculum to be adjusted and rewritten to fit the needs of kids. Where curriculum is considered a working document that is adjustable. If, while teaching the needs change, the curriculum can be tweaked to reflect best practices and the needs of kids. To me, it makes the most sense to enable teachers a certain amount of professional license in this case, it is what they know best!

Which is it for you?


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