How Important is Technology in Schools 71:365×2

While applying for administrative positions via the online system “Applitrack” I find myself answering a vital question: How Important is Technology in Schools?

I am posting my answer to my blog in hopes of receiving some feedback from my PLN.

What I bring to the district is not one specific technological skill. While I am comfortable working with a variety of technological tools, my most valuable asset is my curiosity and willingness to expose myself to new technological advancements. Being good at a specific technology skill makes you an asset for a year or two, being comfortable extending my learning in various technological fields will make me an asset as technology grows.

In my own classroom I have given students the opportunity to share their voice through creating a music video and  genius hour projects that have been shared beyond the walls of the school.  My primary students have also used QR Codes.   I have been planning on incorporating student blogs, coding and augmented reality into the classroom next year.

Technology is vital for the future of education.  I previously believed that incorporating technology was too often done as a distraction but, it is vitally important for us to keep our schools functioning on the edge of the technological curve. Students need to be comfortable working with the latest technologies available for their growth and learning.

When I was in school, computers were not common for everyone to have in their homes. Slowly, that changed, but school was the only place most children could access technology.  A generation of innovators had access to the best technology available while at school and it has lead to the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the world.

To prepare our current students for an unforeseen future lives, we must give them the opportunity to shape that future through being technologically literate. Technology improves and increases at an incredible rate, and it is time to give our children a voice in molding how that change happens.

Here are some blog posts reflecting on technology in education and my classroom.

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Feel free to leave your ideas and comments below!  Thank you PLN!


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