Complain or Construct 68:365×2

I work in two industries full of complaints: teaching and restaurants.   Today while having a discussion about one and working at the other, I heard the concept, people complain, deal with it.  Yes, people complain.  Complaining is important, it is something we need to do!  I will not disagree with this point.  But, how we complain, where we complain, and what we do after make all the difference.

A long time ago in a blog far far away (my first blog which can be found archived in the Pages section of ) I discussed ways to deal with negativity in the lunch room!  Complaining takes many forms.  I recommend you consider to  whom and where you vent.

There is nothing wrong with finding your people (see previous posts: but your people are those in your building you can quietly vent with in order to get out those frustrations.  Venting in public, does not help anyone.  It hurts your school, community, and your kids.  If you are speaking publicly about problems, you should first remember that you are speaking for yourself.  Don’t use we unless WE all agree!  Second, offer solutions.  It is not enough to talk about problems.  If you are going to take your issues public, they had better be accompanied by solutions!

Construct solutions and inspire those around you to change.  Sometimes it takes years.  Both complaining and constructing have their place, one is a private act you do to air out frustrations, the other is a public one that inspires change.  Be mindful of which you choose and when!


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