What do You Present? 66:365×2

Being a teacher is public profession.  What we put out for the public is more than just our image in public.  As we become teachers, representatives of schools in hopes of enhancing the lives of young people, we are also consenting to certain aspects of our lives losing privacy.  When you go out in public, especially near the school where you work, there is always a chance of being noticed or seen by kids or families from your school.  You lose the ability to be insanely stupid (not that we would do such a thing!)

When we enter the realm of social media, we also give up some more of that privacy.  The image we present is constantly available for others to see.  Our digital footprint is essentially like walking out the door and into every living room of every family we teach.  This is not literally the case, but the information is there for all to see!

As a teacher, and a public person, your task is to reach kids.  In doing so, you are expected to be a role model in many capacities and one of those is how you present yourself.  Be aware of not only your digital footprint but also how you present yourself in public.  You never know who will see you, who will have to understand your actions.  Be aware of what you present to the world, but in person and online!


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