Talk on their Level 65:365×2

We all have had those kids.  They are hard to connect with in the classroom.  I thought about this tonight a bit because of a question asked during an edchat on twitter.  How do we reach those students that are seemingly unreachable?

The first step is simple, we need to talk to them on their level.  Whether it is a small child that does not talk to adults, or a “tough” high school student that is coming from a difficult place.  Our job is to find out where they communicate and how they communicate, so that we can start to break down those walls.

The second step is to push beyond those walls.  We do that by finding out what our students care about.  What is important to these kids?  What makes them tick?  Instead of just learning it, we must embrace it!  Learning about kids is not enough.  We must show those students that we care by identifying what those kids love and incorporating it in our classroom.  

Does this work for every kid?  No! But for more kids than not, this is a great opening step for teachers to reach those seemingly unreachable kids.  


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