Whatever Teachers do in Summer 62:365×2

I picture Olaf from the movie Frozen thinking about snow in summer.  When he starts thinking about summer he breaks into this song montage that is comical in nature.  Now cut to an unsuspecting pre-service teacher thinking about the glorious summers off that they imagined teachers had when they were in school.

It really is comical.  Not only do many teachers work other jobs during the summer (I work 40-50 hours a week in the summer waiting tables) but there are also so many other things to be done.

Teachers really do: plan, collaborate, learn, create, build, and stress over a job they are “not doing” in the summer.  Even now, I sit up at nearly 1am writing a blog posts about education, answering emails from my Chief School Administrator, and developing ideas for what will be another exciting beginning in September.  I have a book reading list longer than I can recount on top of those other tasks.

If you plan on being a teacher, plan on these things.  You may get to spend some extra time on the beach or by the pool in the summer, but overall you are still working quite frequently for someone who is “off”.   It is not required, it is expected and there should be no questions about the fact that good teachers spend lots of time during the summer working on their craft.  Plan on it, and you will do well, pretend it is  not so, then plan on finding another career.


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