Organizing the Chaos 63:365×2

How do you keep your classroom organized.  I like the moniker that learning is “messy” and I not only subscribe to this figuratively for making mistakes, but literally as well.  In my classroom we get dirty!  We explore items, we use lots of manipulatives (as a primary grade teacher I feel this is invaluable.)  So, then how do we create some organization out of the chaos?

I must admit I am not the best at developing organizational skills.  I frequently struggle with finding quick, efficient  methods to keep both myself and my kids more organized.  It is not the lack of desire, it is more a lack of time.

Time is the most important thing to consider when you are creating an organizational system.  Am I going to have time to actually do this during the day?  Is this something I can do quickly  while kids are present to make sure it stays organized?  Finally, is there a way to get the kids to take ownership of the system so that it runs smoothly without you?

All of these things are important factors that I have in the past ignored when planning the organization of my classroom.  From now on, for me (and I would suggest for anyone else who struggles with organization) to consider these very important questions when you are attempting to get organized.


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