I Teach Kids 60:365×2


This tweet struck a nerve with me as I rolled down my feed today. As a disclaimer, I do not follow @ruth_ayers and have never interacted with her. In all fairness to her I do not know the context in which this was said. But, with that in mind, I was saddened by the way it read to me. I was frustrated by the attitude that I saw in the words.  I was most disappointed by the 30+ ReTweets it had received.

From what I deciphered it seems like someone is suggesting that withholding books from kids teaches them responsibility.  While I agree that keeping books from kids is not the answer, to say that as teachers we teach content and not people/kids is frustrating. While part of teaching does certainly involve content, how do we ignore teaching a child (at any age) important life skills such as responsibility.

Our job is not to teach reading and writing, science or social studies, our job is to teach kids to be great through those areas. Giving people knowledge without some valuable life skills (ie:responsibility) is simply dangerous. Just see every super villain  ever!  I teach people. Teaching is the act of helping others learn. How can you help writing and reading learn?  It just seems backward to assume we can teach in a vacuum.

Be a teacher of people, reach the whole child.



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