One Door Closes… 57:365×2

You know the old saying, As one door closes, another opens.  It is similar with Teaching.  Each year you say goodbye to students as you close the door behind them.  Many times seeing them leave will hurt.  You feel a sense of loss when your students leave the nest, destined to be great in some other class.

What it is hard to feel and remember at this time of the year, is that as the door closes, another is opening in its place.  In my school it is easy for me to know just what new students I will find in my class next year, we only have one per grade.  I try to spend time with that class in the last few weeks during lunch, or talk to them more when I see them in the halls.  It reminds me that their door is opening.  I get to start fresh with a new group of excited young faces waiting to have the mysteries of the world made available to their fingertips.

You may be sad when your class leaves on the last day.  In some cases you may not (though this is either very rare or you chose the wrong profession) but either way you must try to keep the perspective that the new door is opening and in a short time you will have the incredible pleasure of making a difference for a whole new group of young people!


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