I May Be Crazy 56x365x2

Today we presented our Genius Hour Projects. As I look back on this experience my first conclusion, everyone else at my school thinks I’m crazy. They do not really understand all of the effort, the learning, and the valuable lessons they took from this.

My first group presented: What did you make? We made a remote control car. What did you learn? Wh learned that we can work together as friends if we talk to each other and try out best.

Enough said. If there were no other lessons taken from this I would consider it worth the time. Given the dynamics in my room this year, this was a HUGE deal. That was not all they learned, but it set a great tone for us. Each group continues to talk about what they made, what they would do differently, and my favorite question, what do you want to learn about now!

I tried to impress on my class that their presentations (which I recorded but do not have the ability yo share publicly) is that if they want to do this again, they need to share all their learning and let people know how valuable genius hour has been in our classroom!

I have a lot of things already mapped out for me next year. I am not sure how I will incorporate genius hour, but I know that if I am truly crazy, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!
Here are some pictures of their projects:

20140618-185551-68151321.jpg learning about Snow Leopards and making a stuffed snow leopard.


20140618-185638-68198719.jpg a robot cat

20140618-185703-68223948.jpg a remote control car



20140618-185727-68247149.jpg singing frozen dolls (home-made clay and paint)



20140618-185818-68298706.jpg Minecraft world, Steve and Creeper that exploded (home-made clay and paint)


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