Being a Dad (To Many) 54:365×2

There is nothing I can compare to being a dad. I love it! My little girl is not quite 2 and every moment I get to spend with her is amazing. I cannot fathom not being a major part if her life. Sadly, as I think about Father’s Day, I am reflecting on my role as a Male teacher in Elementary Education.

There are not many of us. In fact, I am used to being the only one. I cannot explain it, I do not know how come more men do not want to be educators at the lower grades.

Why is this such a disappointing truth? With so many kids in 1 parent homes, the need for positive male role models is urgent. There is something incredibly valuable about young kids seeing a confident, intelligent man model concepts that kids should learn.

Learning about the value of solving problems in a non-violent way, giving value to learning, embracing challenges, treating others with respect, and enjoying reading are all important for kids. But, especially for younger boys, seeing it done by a man in your classroom, a man who cares about you, changes the way that kids view these lessons.

Men in education are not just teachers, they are fathers for so many children that lack that figure. They are the inspiration for a generation of boys that need them.

Happy Father’s day to all of you fathers out there, but also to all of the hard-working, dedicated men in education that fill that role for a frightening number if children.


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