Be a Professional 53:365

Teaching is a profession. While it is unlike any other profession out there in so many ways, we need to act like professionals. We should also be treated as such.

But, what does being a professional in teaching look like?

A professional teacher is not someone who wears a suit, shirt and tie, or necessarily dresses like a business professional. The professional teacher does many of the following:

– puts the interests of kids first (always)
– understands that the minimum time that is allotted in their contract is not enough to do their job well
– is willing to fill roles outside the classroom that need filling
– learn about their profession on their own time
– share what they have learned for the betterment of others and ultimately kids
– advocate for kids, parents, teachers, and the school in whatever ways appropriate
– embody the ideal that they expect from their kids
– improve others around them

Professional teachers are vital to the success of education. Most teachers are doing some, if not most of these as part of their practice. It is our job then, if we wish to be treated as professionals, that we be professionals in our work.


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