I’m Ditching the Desk 52:365×2

I have frequently ranted about how little I like desks. In an effort to improve the quality of my learning space and the level of my organization.

I have a large, heavy, old desk. It takes up a whole corner if the classroom. I started thinking, what is the purpose of this piece of furniture? For my desk, the answer was a bit disgusting, I put junk on it. I never work there, I don’t keep my laptop there, it is essentially a giant mess collector!

So, as I try to imagine my learning space for next year, step 1 is to remove furniture that does not move or is not useful!

Next steps will come, but I as I have continually said that I want a learning space with more flexibility and less desks, its time I lead that charge by example!



2 thoughts on “I’m Ditching the Desk 52:365×2

  1. I ditched my desk after my 2nd year teaching. I can’t remove it from my room which is unfortunate. But the principal said it had to stay (I only have 22 x 22 ft of space). I built a stand-up desk the summer between my 2nd & 3rd year. I enjoyed it that 3rd and 4th year. But beginning my 5th year, I’d like to ditch it too and build a very small, lightweight, portable stand to place my laptop on so I can move around the room more easily. Plus it would give me more space. But I need to brainstorm exactly what I want the portable stand to do for me first. It’s on a backburner.

    I love having a stand-up desk. It keeps me on my feet all day and I interact with the students more. Plus, we all know that proximity control is probably the best form of classroom management! And since I teach in an alternative school, it helps me that way. And I think I’m a bit ADD or ADHD.

    Anyway, best wishes on getting rid of your desk. I love it and I know you will too.

    • What a shame your administrator was not supportive. Mine was impressed at the self reflection that the desk was hindering my organizational ability.

      What exactly is a “stand up desk”?

      If I had my way I would get rid of the student desks too! Just don’t have what I need to replace them!

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