The AH-HA 49:365×2

If you are a teacher there is one thing that you love more than any other throughout the year.  It is that special moment.  That moment where a kid just “get’s it.”  When you bend over backwards to meet this kid where they are, and then suddenly…AH-HA! They get it!

There is no better feeling for a teacher in the average year.  I will concede a better moment only when you are teaching and you experience something truly remarkable.  Beyond that, there is no greater feeling than to see a kid have an “Ah-Ha” moment!

While I can only speak from my experience with elementary kids, there are countless “Ah-Ha” moments throughout the year.  With so many requirements, time constraints, stresses, and a generally negative treatment of teachers, what is the most compelling reason to be a teacher?  It is simply this:

Each day I go into school knowing that at any moment I can help a kid begin to believe in themselves.  Each day I go into school knowing that I could be the difference for a kid between a door being open, and a door being closed.  Each day I walk through those doors on the precipice of making a difference for kids.  I get the joy and honor of making their world a better place.  It is the culmination of collaborative hard work between myself and the kids that that achieve whatever new feat it may be.  It means my work and life are spent making this a better world.  All that just because a kid understands a concept they didn’t before.

That is what the “Ah-Ha” moment means to me.    How about you?


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