Show You Care 43:366×2

There is nothing more powerful in your classroom than showing your students that you care. If you want to build a classroom culture the most important of all the different things you can do, is to send a clear message to kids: I CARE ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU DO!

Showing you care can really change a classroom. Kids will move mountains for someone they know cares about them!

How do you make this clear? There are some very simple things you can do to show kids you care.

– Ask them about their lives. (Maybe even more importantly, remember what they said was going to happen and ask them about it later!)

– Compliment them to someone else (especially if they can hear you!)

– There is not much better than when you hear about something a kid has done and then ask them about it!

– Keep your promises

– When you discipline a student, do it privately, remind them that its their behavior that you are talking about and not them, and when its fixed praise them lots!

Basically, use your common sense! What would you want someone to do/say about you? For many these seem like basics, but think about your classroom, are you doing these consistently?
Always come back to these and reflect how you are doing with showing kids you care!


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