How To Use Danielson for Self Improvement 37:365

Teacher Evaluation is a hot topic, especially with how it has been tied to test scores and other factors beyond our control. For the last four years our school has been implementing the “Danielson Framework for Enhancing Professional Practice.”

Reread that name for a minute. Enhancing Professional Practice! How do you use the framework to actually become better as a teacher?

It starts with open, honest, reflective discussion about your practice. Whether it is something you do internally, with your supervisor, or other teachers, reflection is huge!

If you genuinely look at the rubric, moving to the right of the columns is attainable. It requires teachers to push our practice beyond the basics. Essentially, for Danielson, the highest forms of teaching are student centered classrooms.

How do you use the framework to build toward that concept?

Start by reflecting on your practice. Identify one or two important areas in which you want to start. Find people who already do these well! Not sure, ask your administrator who you can talk to or observe. Not only will you be finding a good resource or two in the building, you will also make a strong impression on most administrators by asking!

Next, go talk to them, watch them teach. Learn from what they do well and conference with them afterward. If possible, ask them to come and watch you teach after you have put some new ideas into practice. Conference about what you have done and begin the process again.

Use the framework for you! Do not let it made a tool to use against you, but make it a useful part of the way you enhance your own practice, the way it was intended!


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