He Said, She Said 36:365×2

20140526-203209-73929540.jpg How do we solve this age-old problem in our classrooms and schools? At times I feel like this has happened more this year than ever. Are there are always two sides to every story?

I would say no! There usually way more sides to every story. There are normally lots of sides to each event, each one told in a slightly different fashion.

So how do we resolve these conflicts so they can stop disrupting our students and learning?

First, we need to build the right classroom environment. Kids will be kids at some point, but we need to create a place where students feel comfortable sharing their viewpoint. We also need to create an environment in which kids are encouraged to solve their own problems with real, open-communication strategies. Finally, the classroom needs to be a place where kids value honesty.

In classrooms with the best culture, kids setter this type of problem between themselves without making it a distraction to your class and your learning.


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