Hope 33:365×2


“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things.” Those words from Shawshank Redemption echoed in my head with the iconic voice of Morgan Freeman as I came to the conclusion of @MrLeBrun incredible education affirmation letter.

What I love most about these letters is that each Teacher/Administrator finds yet another reason for us to stay, for us to fight.  HOPE.  Not our hope that things will change, but the hopes of a child.  Children are incredible in that no matter what has happened to them, they always tend to have that hope inside of them.  Some hope to become famous, others astronauts.  Some hope to be president, others teachers.  When they come to us, they are so filled with hope it forces you to notice.  The lowest of the low-level students still believes he/she can be anything he/she wants to be.  No matter what the odds are that are stacked against them, they always have hope for something better.

We could take a lesson from our kids in this respect.  We ought to have hope,  Not the hope like “I hope I don’t have homework,” but real hope, the kind that drives and inspires students to do more.  Who are we to deny them that?  Who are we to do anything to hinder that notion.

I Hope.  How about you?


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