Taylor’s Future Seniors 27:365×2

I have plenty of tidbits to share, and if even one of you find value in a letter I type, it will be worth the post.
Your teacher is an amazing, inspirational person. My first piece of advice, value her! She is one of many who genuinely care about you and although you likely know her better than I do, she is frequently looking for ways to make your lives better!

So here are my snippets of advice from years of experiences, great teachers and big mistakes.

DROP THE BAGGAGE- my shop teacher in HS use to say this all the time. He wanted us to leave our drama at the door. Everyone has problems, you can carry them around and let them way you down, or you can drop the baggage and feel the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders!

To often in life we look back on moments where we think, I should have said something, I should have stepped up, I should have… Three words of regret. Instead make sure you show up and speak your peace. Not in anger or sarcasm, but in honesty.

No matter what the change or opportunity, you will always feel in some ways apprehensive about it. Here is a hint, you will never be ready so just take your best shot and gibe it your all. It usually works out in the end!

Don’t let anyone tell you: you are not good enough, not strong enough, not smart enough.

Failure is only defined by your timeline so long as you keep trying!

I have tons more but I will leave you one more that I try to teach my 1st Graders every day:
IF ITS NOT HARD, IT WON’T BE ANY FUN- let’s face it, life is not all sunshine and roses, but if it was you wouldn’t appreciate their amazing beauty. It is only when we actually overcome something that it is truly awesome. Don’t be boring, do awesome every day!


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