I Have to Do What? 28:365×2


The end of the school year is upon us. For New Teachers there is an overwhelming amount of procedures and paperwork to figure out!

Every year there is a laundry list of things teachers must do, oh yeah and keep teaching your class until the last day.

Don’t worry, this stuff gets done! It seems like a mad dash now, let’s be honest, it is!

Since every school wants different things, I cannot tell you HOW to do them, but I can give a few ideas that should help.

– Try to check a few things off your list each day! (If your school doesn’t give you a checklist make yourself one.)

– Try to balance one long item with short ones. Getting 2-4 things done a day makes you feel like the ball is really rolling

– Get the kids involved in packing you up. Even older kids like to help clean the room! Do a few things each day, a reward for some kids working well might be being a helper!

– Save digital copies of all of your paperwork! You will thank me next year at this time!

Good luck with the crazy sprint to the finish! Don’t forget to teach your kids, it more important than the paperwork!


2 thoughts on “I Have to Do What? 28:365×2

  1. Brian,
    And even more importantly, plan with your students for the summer. Share your plans for the summer with the students. Learning does not stop on a calendar. What do you read and write over the summer? What should they read and write over the summer? How can they all continue/extend their learning?

    • This is a GREAT point, I am trying to lay the ground work for inspiring my class to take ownership of their learning (a big step for this particular 1st grade group in general) Thank you for adding it!

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