Make Meetings Work For You 25:365×2

Time to learn from my reflection.
Yesterday I had a data meeting. I know that sounds terribly thrilling to most of you, but it typically is a good thing. I have a lot of students that are lower on the curve according to the test measures. Plus we tend to get good people in a room.

This however was a general waste of 40 minutes. When you have a class that all fall below the curve and have many different needs, 40 minutes is not something I give away lightly.

Although I was frustrated, I was equally frustrated with myself. I allowed that meeting to continue. I allowed it to go along the path it did. We were there to talk about my kids, and the conversation was more about my teaching decisions, which once understood by the group, presented several problems due to lack of resources. Only one solution was offered during that meeting.

How do I take control of a meeting with my boss and other school leaders to make it valuable for my class? Here is my reflective thoughts…

1. When the conversation is not on topic, redirect it. Start with a question about the real focus. If that doesn’t work, be direct. ” I would be happy to talk about this later, but right now we are trying to focus on x.

2. Come in prepared with your own directing questions. Even if it is not your meeting! Its goal should be how does this help my kids?

3. Know your end goal and write it down. Refer back to it during the meeting. In this case mine was to target specifics strategies to improve for 4 students. I lost that goal in the heat of discussion and being passionate about my kids. If I had it written on the page in front of me, it would have reminded me of the larger purpose.

Next meeting, I will make it work for me! Any other suggestions?


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