Are you Ready? 26:365×2

For some people, this is the time of year where things start to wind down, for others, it’s a time of nervousness, wondering if their job is secure, still others will embark on an exciting new journey into the teaching profession. As the summer creeps into view, so does another school year, so here are some questions for you…Are you ready for what comes next?p

1. Do you know everything you need to know for next year to provide a great education for your kids?

2. Are you an expert in your field?

3. Do you know what you will do when the door closes on day 1?

4. Do you know everything you will need to for the first month of school?

5.Are you sure you are ready?

If you answered yes to any of these questions in May with September several months away, its time to start reflecting on your practice a bit closer!
Without knowing your kids and spending lots of time reflecting on your practice, next year will not be better than last!


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