Life’s a Great Balancing Act!! 22:365×2


First year Teachers rejoice, you are not alone! Finding your balance between work and home is hard! Thanks @samuelfishburm for reminding me!

So I am not the best at this admittedly! Some of my Ps say, “Are you really answering emails at 11pm on a Friday night?” I try to keep a 24 hour rule on weekdays, 48 hours on weekends where I respond to parents within that time. Waiting too long can make a problem worse!

Really, how do we balance work? I do a few things, I work when my family are sleeping ( hard since I am finishing my 2nd MA right now too) but when i am with them, they have my attention (most of the time, I sometimes will work from the passenger seat of my wife’s car, but I am trying to cut that out.

My best advice is to make a list each day, order it with what MUST get done first, then finish other stuff at your convenience. It gets better (not easier, don’t let  teachers lie to you and say easier) as you build your practice and understand what is most important for you to do during the school day, before school, after school, and at home.

You will always take work home, but you don’t always have to get to it all! I try to set a cutoff time for non-essential work. It’s hard because I love what I do!

In summation this is a very personal topic for every educator and will change as your life changes! “But never forget to be dexterous and deft, and never mix up your right foot with you left” Dr Seuss Life is a great balancing act! Only you can keep your own balance!


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