Teacher Appreciation: Teachers Part 4- 20:365×2

This is number 4 of a 5 part series and since I am running out of room and there are so many great educators to thank, I am doubling up!

Today I want to thank my people! My in house PLN! These are the people in my school that have been my shoulder, my driving force, and my inspiration for greatness. Our SLP Amy Sack and my former grade partner now Intervention Rockstar Amanda Gianfortune (@agg412).

Amy has been not only coworker, but she keeps me level. I bounce ideas off her and vice versa, we’ve shared excitement and struggles, and collaborated on many different things. She inspires me to be better and is my go to for most advice! She is one of the strongest people I know and faces adversity beyond what most people ever know, and does so with a smile.

Amanda is one of the best teachers I know. She is one of the few extremely organized people I know that is also very creative. It is a dangerous and slightly annoying quality! Annoying in the sense that she is better than me at nearly everything we do. What is even more amazing about Amanda is she makes everyone else around her better! As my partner teacher in 1st grade she pushed me to do more things and be better than ever! She has basically taken over our reading intervention program. She is madd changes that make a real difference for the kids in our school. She has made our entire community a better place.  She is one of the best teachers I know, and makes all of us better. She is out there giving teachers a good name!

These are my people. While I love almost everyone I work with, these two people push and inspire me in person more than any! They deserve to be applauded for all they have done, not just for me, but for kids!


(Since I first wrote this post, I feel the need to add another name here:)

Meghan Hooper is still relatively new as a teacher, yet she has worked with me on so many amazing things for our school, including creating our Makerspace, reworking our science curriculum, and two amazing events for the school community. She always says yes to helping out kids or her fellow teachers and it is incredible how much she successfully manages to accomplish despite being only in her second year of teaching.  While I try to be helpful in anything she needs, I am also in awe of all she manages to accomplish so early in her career. I truly appreciate having Meghan as a friend, a teacher to work with, and as my partner in creating crazy but awesome things for our kids.


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