Teacher Appreciation: Teachers Part 2 18:365×2

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.
Today’s post is dedicated to my late High School Shop Teacher, Mr. Thomas Mount.

I was never any good at wood shop, While some kids made desks, benches, and tables, I made a miniature bird house town, a cutting board and a crooked jewelry box.

What I learned from Mr. Mount you can’t teach from a book, or on a piece of equipment. He was one of my favorite teachers in a year that I lost three of my grand parents. I took his class again my sophomore year even though it wasn’t much of a craftsman.

The most valuable lesson he taught me has stuck with me for my whole life and has helped me when times have been toughest he always used to tell us: “Drop the baggage”

Don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Don’t take your problems with you everywhere you go. Life is hard enough without having all that baggage strapped to your shoulders. Instead, leave it! Drop your baggage! Choose to feel good, to have a great day.

I will never forget Mr. Mount. He made me a better person and helped me through one of the hardest times in my young life. He didn’t teach shop, he taught kids about life.


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