Haapy Teacher Appreciation Week Teachers Part 1 17:365×2

It is the start of Teacher Appreciation Week! For the next 5 days I will be dedicating a post from each of my blogs to different Teachers (this blog) and Teacher Leaders (www.btcostello05.wordpress.com) who have inspired me throughout the years!
Here it goes!
When I wanted to consider teaching for the first time as a post college graduate, I ended up a permanent (building) sub in my first year. My last responsibility was from January until June as a 1:1 aide in an inclusion classroom. After my several long-term assignments I was allowed to choose my aide assignment the next year and stayed in that classroom.
Most of what I learned as a teacher before entering the classroom came from one incredible teacher: Dawn Skomsky (formerly at) Lower Township Public Schools in NJ.
Dawn is the most incredible teacher I had or will likely ever meet. Everything I am as an educator really developed with her. She gave me the chance to grow and learn while modeling in the classroom and out. She showed me how hard you have to work to be great and the profound impact I could have as an educator. Many of my best tricks and activities are still adapted from her. No matter where my career leads me, I will always be grateful for having spent the time I did, learning from Dawn! Thank you!


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