A New Day 14:365×2


Yesterday was one if my most depressing, disheartening, and frustrating days of my career. I had not felt so unhappy leaving my classroom since my first year.

I have always had a feeling of invincibility in the classroom. It has caused me to try things that most teachers think is crazy. I try to take risks, and drive my kids to the next level. Yesterday I left questioning that.

All of my “people” at school were in different meetings yesterday afternoon. Thanks to some encouragement from my incredible twitter friends @tritonkory and @sjsbates and some quality time with my little girl (toddler dance party is a great way to forget your trouble), I put it behind me.

Today was a new day. I talked to my class for a few minutes in the morning. I told them we all needed to be better, starting with myself. Then we started a new day.

Today was a great day. It felt great to have some fun with my class after yesterday. Never forget, there is Always a New Day! What will you do with it?


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