Plans B, C , and D 12:365×2


A lesson to learn for all teachers: always have multiple backup plans!

Today I had my last observation of the year. I was trying to showcase some of the cool things I had been using with my class over the course of our geometry unit. You don’t plan the lesson for the observation, but when you are doing cool stuff you want to share it.

I was excited to show how we had been using QR codes linked to you tube videos so I could give directions to different groups on activities with shapes.

In my district part if the culture is, when it rains… The internet doesn’t work! Today it poured. I talked to the kids about some changes we were going to make so that we could still do the activities. Those last-minute changes did not go as smoothly as My original plan probably would have, but i had prepared for alternatives. When one of my activities ended up being much faster than the others, I changed course, made an adjustment and it made the activity even better.

My administrator was fair enough to ask if i wanted him to come back another day, but since I had plan B, C, and D in place, I was happy to have him stay and get a look at what my kids were learning!


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