How Do You Really Measure Effectiveness 11x365x2


I am about to have my last observation tomorrow. A few weeks ago I caught myself doing some math that made me feel ill. I was using the state formula to see what it would take for me to recover from a poor& punitive observation at the start of the year.

I was actually calculating what score I needed on my observation to be considered an “efficient” educator. Based on that vile formula, I need to be awesome or be “partially efficient” so I decided to go big or go home! No dog and pony show, just a riskier lesson, more potential for problems. More potential for awesomeness!

From excellent rating and TOY to partially efficient in just 1 year? What did I do? The truth is nothing. I had an off day and a tough start to the year in finding a level where I can meet my kids. It was early in the year and I got ripped apart for not being my typical awesome self.

I just can’t help but feel some stress for tomorrow. But, ever time I feel that way I remind myself how I have always measured success: Are my kids learning? Are the taking that learning home with them? Am I making a positive impact on their lives? Do kids want to be in my class? Do my kids still ask questions and love learning?

I am not trying to start the evaluation debate, I know there is value when done properly. But, how I evaluate myself should be most important in how I measure effectiveness.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Really Measure Effectiveness 11x365x2

  1. Well, this year, I was supposed to be evaluated. I have not been evaluated yet. I know what I will be evaluated on, but I am no sure how that works when there are myriads of factors that have moved me more out of the classroom than in this year and doing focused based learning with small groups for about 20-20 min. When it comes to my first grade part, for a variety of reasons, I am not in the room as much (my choice) and staying really busy doing other things for our first graders. No matter what, I decided a long time ago now that I was all done with one trick pony shows because that’s what I see. That’s not me. Its not a show, its my everyday life at work. So, come when the “its hitting the shan”..and come when its going good, come when the kids are afraid of the thunderstorm and green sky. Come when the kids have broken hearts. Come when I am on my knees sitting criss cross apple sauce talking with the students. Come, but if you are coming to see a show, you will be disappointed. Come. Come and see the real deal going down.

    • Every day is a show in my classroom! Some days the writing is better than others. Some days I just hope I am not the only one getting the jokes. Others I hope it is a comedy and not a tragedy. Glad my new CSA just pops in frequently. He saw a lot of the work that occurs before the lesson so he knows I am incorporating the tech I am using on a daily basis. It’s my personal tech, and the net frequently fails!

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