Create & Share: The Most Powerful Words In Your Class 8:365×2

There is no word more exciting, no word more challenging, no word more engaging than the word create. When combined with the idea that their creations are going to be shared with a larger audience, their imaginations run wild, but their focus is intense. This is the 1st time I told my students I was definitely sharing their work beyond the classroom! This is what they made with the directions: “Use ever shape you have to create a new shape and tell us a story about it.”










Their creations were so much fun, their stories were even better (sadly I ran out of storage to record the stories…) They had never worked so hard on manipulating the shapes as they did for this. The pictures are a bomb flower from Mario, a bird on a branch, a rocket, a kitty, a flower in a pot, a shark/tree/ and sun, an “ender person” with a bomb, and a “fat” person wearing a big hat (we had to talk about that one). That was most of them (we had a lot out. For Take you Child to Work Day) but they had great stories to go with their creations, next time we will write them down!

So in your own classrooms, remember the value creating, and equally, the value of sharing beyond your walls!


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