Be a Dreamer 7:365×2


“Vincent Van Goh! People said, you only have one ear, you’ll never be a famous artist. You know what he said?
I can’t gear you. Vincent Van Goh was a dreamer”

Ok so that’s a bad example…

The point is simple, as a teacher, YOU need to be a dreamer. What does that mean?

A teacher needs to imagine greatness for every student. Sometimes that is easy to see, sometimes you have to look deeper to find that brilliance.

A teacher needs to imagine new ways to engage children. Imagining and creating great experiences is not “a lightning bolt experience” (Teach Like A PIRATE). It is the product of hard work, learning, seeking, connecting te dots, and daring to dream about the infinite possibilities that can engage your students.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, a teacher needs to be a dreamer for themselves. How do we inspire our children to dream if all of ours are gone! Share your dreams and how you are hoing after them. Your students will be inspired and maybe, they will dare to be dreamers too!


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