Dear Crabby 4/365×2


Wow, it only took me 3 posts to screw up the numbering! This IS going to be a challenge!

Dear Abby was the most successful and famous column of all time. I make that claim with no reservations because let’s face it, it’s lasted forever and nearly everyone has at least heard of it. (Or maybe I am really getting old now and totally dating myself)

Her success was built on the fact that people could ask her questions they would never ask to someone face to face. She would read, change the names to protect the innocent (and guilty) then give the best advice she could, at times seeking an expert opinion.
One day I hope this column reaches that quality! So, ask questions you wouldn’t ask in person, I will keep your confidence (as long as you aren’t committing a crime) and do my best to answer, or find the answer!

So ask away! You can email me at and I will find your answer, blog about the topic and hopefully answer your questions ! I hope to hear from you all soon!


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