Who Really Runs a School

So you are a new teacher in a new school, how do you know who will be your biggest help getting started?

Of course you have been taught about mentors, finding great teachers, learning from school leaders and more. But, who do you really need to know in the school?

The two groups of people you need on your side more than anyone else…

The secretaries and the custodians!

1. The secretaries these amazing and often under appreciated people are typically the heartbeat of a school. They know all of your students and their families. They can answer any procedural questions and they are able to help answer so many questions you never realized you had. Be good to your secretaries and they will be good to you! Its worth your effort!

2. The custodial staff is the skeletal structure of tour school. These people do a generally thankless job when done well and get a load of heat when ita not. Not only do they keep the school clean, they are crucial to procuring bigger equipment, helping you put up larger displays and productions, and fixing the many problems a school building can have each day. A good relationship with your custodian can make your job easier and more pleasant.

Take care of your secretaries and custodians. Administrators might lead instruction and learning, but these people are what keep a school running behind the scenes. Take the time to treat them well and you will be rewarded for it!


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