Become a Leader in Your School 2/365

There is generally a sense of obligation as a new teacher to spend time assimilating into the school culture. It makes sense, the learning curve is so high and the demand are so great that to master that responsibility is significant. So can 1st year teachers become leaders in their school?

Simply put, yes… But it takes the right mindset. I wanted to get some outside opinions from other teacher leaders in my PLN to see what makes a good teacher leader. Longevity was never part of the conversation. What made a teacher a leader?
* see a need fill a need
* don’t wait to be asked to do a job, take it and run with it
* take risks in the classroom
* share your success and failures
* Make other people better
* stand up for students always
So how does a new teacher do this?

Step 1- watch and listen- you will find the needs and the culture of the school within a month or two tops

Step 2 – listen to your peers. They will tell you everything you need to know about the needs of the school!

Step 3 -start filling needs – there are always things that need to be done for Students within a school. Find one and start making a difference

Step 4 – Share your story. Dont be afraid to share failures, and share your successes! Let others know what you are doing to help students (keep it from being preachy or braggy) and you will earn respect of others

Step 5 – Never be afraid to put yourself out there for students even when they aren’t yours (if they are in your school you should be advocating for them!)- when you do this, everyone will know who you are and what you value! Actions speak louder than Words in becoming a leader

Step 6 – Do what you say, follow though on your words with your actions. Nothing is more respected than a person who talks the talk and then walks the walk!

Be fearless, when they throw you to the wolves, follow these general ideas and come back leading the pack!


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