Pay it Forward

Why are some teachers and administrators just so helpful while others are not? What do they want? While I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. What  do I ask in return for coping to all the things I have screwed up already?

I want you to step into greatness. Take the help you get from people who have already made plenty of mistakes and use all that knowledge to empower your students. Make a difference, use our mistakes, and all we have seen to improve yourself as an educator. Take all of the knowledge from yr PLN and become a superhero, not to me, not to yourself, but to the countless students whose lives are immeasurably better for your contribution! Then, when you are comfortable with who you are as an educator, star sharing all of your learning with others. Continue the cycle. I won’t teach forever, and I only reach a small population of students. I have been so fortunate to find supportive teachers and leaders who enhance my practice and encourage me to be great. I feel a responsibility to Pay it Forward, and I hope some day, the next generation of educational superheroes will do the same!


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