Would You Be There?

Every one of us has been in a class before that is so awful or so boring that you wish you could get up and leave… But you can’t, if you left then no one would be supervising your class!

Ok so maybe this hasn’t happened to you yet. It probably will at some point because you are human. In your position, you are actor, director, and producer of a one man/woman show. You cannot afford to have an off day. If your show stinks, who is buying tickets?

In one of my favorite books Dave Burgess’s Teach Like a Pirate, this topic takes center stage. What are we doing to create an experience? What are you doing to make an imprint, a memory that students never forget?

Think back, what do you remember about your school teachers? I remember a few amazing days, my general feeling toward the class, and if I thought that teacher genuinely cared for me. Content is there to be found, learning will stick with your kids, but if you want them to LOVE it, you have to make it an experience rooted in passion and authentic caring for your students.

Not every lesson puts butts in the seats, but if you create enough imprints, your class will never forget you for showing them what it really looks like to be a life long lover of learning.


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