That Crazy Twitter Guy


That is me.  I realized that is who I am when I got a voxer message (its like a talking text message) from @PrincipalJ (that is Jessica Johnson – Wisconsin Principal of the Year (and she likes purple…)  So why would you do something crazy like go on Twitter?  I honestly first did it because I wanted to learn more about my Masters Professor because he had an interesting name @drspikecook .  I Know that sounds completely crazy, but I could not help myself but find out more about a guy named Spike, especially after I found out it was his real name!  Anyway, he suggested we check him out on Twitter at one point or another, so I did.  

That was it!  I had my first taste of “educrack” and I was fiending for more in no time.  I asked for suggestions on how to get into it.  He told me to “lurk”, at which point I thought that was kind of a creepy way of putting it.  Then I found out that lurk is exactly what you do until you feel comfortable sharing your ideas.  Essentially, you are an intellectual peeping tom (in the best possible way.)

It was not long before I started following people who put out good ideas frequently, before I found some of my favorite educational authors and followed them, and of course my favorite bloggers!  I reinvented my old blog site, and became determined to start a new one.

In less than a month I have over 100 people following me because they thought for some reason I have a clue about what I am talking about! (I have deceived you all!)  I write two blogs almost daily (at least 1 of them gets a post.) I am working on developing the #stchrchat for student teachers to share, and now I am hoping to share this awesome resource with the world.

My School Administration Cohort is starting to come around quickly, because I tend to post links to amazing blogs on our closed circuit facebook group, talk about great experiences tweeting with incredible leaders, or all the learning I have done.  Not only has it had a great impact on my leadership, it has had an incredible impact on my classroom.

While pinterest is full of great project ideas, Twitter is not only discussing great ideas, it is inspiring my own ideas and fostering their growth.  The question is not why should you be on Twitter, connecting to other educators, but how can you afford to stay off it?

Right now, I am the crazy Twitter guy at my school, but some day soon, those few people that do not realize the power of this resource, will be the crazy “non-Twitter guy”

Get connecting!


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