Teach Between The Lines!

Welcome to school… Here is your classroom, these are your kids, if you need anything just ask, anyone will help you. Oh and this is your mentor teacher. If your unsure of what to do, she can help

The door closes. This is what you worked for all those long hours. All the stress of the interview process, applying for job after job has finally paid off. There is only one problem, all of the great ideas, amazing concepts and hours spent learning about teaching might have you prepared for about 20% of the highs, lows, wins, losses and everything else that comes along with being a teacher.

I traveled a slightly different road in that I worked in a school for three years while going back to get a cert and a masters. Although I had this incredible experience, no one is truly 100% ready for that door to close.

Now I cannot wait for the door to close each day.

I had the benefit of some amazing teachers and leaders who supported me during the time I was trying to become a teacher. Now, as I work toward starting out as a school leader (I love the two terms Lead Lerner and Lead Dreamer which I have seen in my PLN) I feel compelled to return the inspiration and direction that was offered to me.

With the help of many amazing teachers and leaders I hope to offer support in any way possible to aspiring teachers.

Please share this blog with anyone you know who is hoping to be, studying to be, or curious about becoming the next generation of superhero teachers!

More on this topic in the near future!

Thanks for reading (and hopefully sharing!)


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